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               What others have to say... first hand!

"Shortly before I had abdominal surgery I began taking EVA to boost my immune system. I was feeling really run down. Only a few months after surgery, my immune system is almost back to normal, and I'm feeling more active."

Brian O’Hara, colitis sufferer, Edmonton

"My dog Morganne, 13, lost her appetite, would not go outside, and when we
did get her up and she tried to walk, her back end would collapse. Morganne
was slowly fading, and friends suggested we put her down.

While visiting a friend in Edmonton, I was introduced to elk antler pills,
as they had received amazing results with their older dog. It has been three
weeks since Morganne has been receiving two pills a day and we see a
remarkable difference. She now has the strength to pull herself up, is
eating again, and goes outside on her own.

She even wanted to go for a walk this week. She now gets up on her own,
comes over for a lovin' pat; her tail is wagging, and yes, she is smiling
once again. I didn't think I would ever see her so happy again.

These pills have somehow given her a new breath of life, and for that I will
be eternally grateful. I definitely would recommend these pills to any pet

Carol Page, golden retriever owner, Nova Scotia

“My left arm and shoulder were in such pain I couldn’t lift my arm above my head. I was doing square dancing, but without being able to raise my arm I couldn’t do it. I started taking EVA and within a couple days, I could lift my arm again. I was able to start square dancing again, and now I’m doing clogging. I’m almost 80, and it’s given me so much energy people are asking where I’m getting it all from.”

Iris Schenkel, arthritis sufferer, Leduc

"My mother has severe osteoarthritis, and I think I may be at the beginning
stages. I had pain in my knees and shoulders, so I started taking it for that reason. It definitely helps with my joint pain. It gives me total relief."

Maureen Osadchuk, arthritis sufferer, Edmonton